Are You Trying
to Navigate Probate?

Is it time to administer the estate of a loved one? The bills are coming in. Which ones should you pay? How do you decide?

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To Avoid Mistakes,
You need the Guidance
of an Experienced Attorney.

As an experienced probate attorney, I’ve seen a lot avoidable mistakes and can steer you away from them. My guidance can save time, headaches, and worries.

You Don't Know
What You Don't Know

There several responsibilities in the estate administration process.

Even if you follow through with all of them, in the right order, you may still find yourself in trouble with the Probate Court... and your siblings.

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Don't DIY Probate

Even if you have found the will, there can be delays in getting access to the bank accounts and safety deposit boxes.


I’ve been through this with clients many times before and I can smooth the path for you.

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Don't do probate alone.



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