Does your representative have your Health Care Power of Attorney?

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A Health Care Power of Attorney designates someone to make health care decisions for you do not have the capacity to make those decisions yourself. A Health Care Power of Attorney is only useful if your representative or agent has it or knows where to find it.  It is best to give your Health Care Power of Attorney to the person that you have selected as your representative.  You should also give a copy to your physician to be scanned into the electronic health record system. These proactive measures will help to easily locate your Health Care Power of Attorney if you face a personal health crisis.

Christopher Greene
Christopher M. Greene is a graduate of Denison University and Case Western Reserve University School of Law. During law school, Chris worked as a law clerk for a two northeast Ohio law firms. This background provides a strong foundation for advising clients in estate planning. Chris established his own law firm in 2016 after serving as general counsel for a family business.